Shards of Knowledge : Kasi

Shards of Knowledge - The Kasi

The Kasi are our identity. They are also one of our oldest tradition. The word Kasi is itself a Primal Root of the Orikah language, it means, Visage, Identity, and Image. As we are all born with the same body, this tradition exists to allow us to create our identity, our image that we want to project onto others.

The Kasi takes two form, the physical and spiritual form. The Physical form is a mask. A mask that is formed of 3 types of parts.

-The Face which consist of the main shape of the mask, the eyes and the hairs attached to it.
-The Totems which are addons of different shapes, materials and colors.
-The Crown which are always the top part of the mask and represent the bearer’s Venha.

As stated before the creation of the Kasi is not only aesthetic, each part of the Kasi possess a name and the addition of all those name become the name of the bearer.

-The Face which represent the nature at the core of the personality.
-The Totems are the most diverse parts. They represent a symbol, an object, a force or function that the person identify to. It can also represent an important memory of the bearer
-The Crown which represents the Venha to which the person affiliates to.

Finally, The creation of the Kasi is not a quick trial as some may think. This tradition is a long and hard process that may take a lifetime to complete as the shapes are not necessarily crafted, they can be found and scavenged into the world as each parts is usually thought to represent a deep and important part or memory of the bearer.

-Nalmir Irvako Irvaga

Shards of Knowledge : Sarcia

Greetings to you friend. My name is Nalmir Irvako of the Irvaga. I am what some would call, a Mirea Seeker. I sail the winds across the universe in search of forgotten or undiscovered knowledge. If you found this Kamir, this Shard of knowledge you are free to learn from it or pass your way, the choice is entirely yours…

This shard you’ve just found is about Sarcia, the place we all exist within, and my speculations about it.

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legionblog asked:

Wow dude, i just saw the demo and accidently found you, but the demo looked amazing ! it was so artistic and i can't wait for it to come out, or find more information about it....but there is none, is it happening? will it be out?

Hey there! Thanks for looking up the game! As you’ve surely seen, the demo is more than a year old now. At the time I wasn’t so sure of what the gameplay would be. So I’ve passed all those months doing a lot of writing, game designing and programming the game systems. Now I can honestly say that the game is back on track. A lot have changed but you can expect the overall feel to be the same.

So yeah the game is still happening, the thing is that I’ve got a full time job, so I can’t put all the time I would like to into the game. But I work on it almost everyday anyway let it be one hour or more. So stay tuned on more blog posts will come soon that will explain more about the game’s universe and gameplay!